How many people do you know who perhaps consume too much sugar, or who are pre-diabetic?

If you see clients for weight loss, many of their waistlines will be impacted by those evening sugar cravings!

Just like my clinically trialled virtual gastric band programme moderates a client’s eating habits by making a few small, realistic changes, my ‘brain training guide for sugar addiction” aims to do the with sugar.

The programme focuses on helping your client:

  • Bring their food choices to conscious awareness.
  • Helping them to re-train their automatic responses to food types
  • Helping them to easily resist the appeal of sugar
  • Giving them a healthier set of guidelines to eating and life

You will instantly receive:

  • A 38-page digital training manual giving a full understanding of the nature of sugar addiction, client guidelines and scripts for all sessions. Plus an extra script for the supporting soundtrack.
  • CPD Course Certification
  • Press Releases specifically for this issue that you can adapt for your own purposes  (valued on its own at £250.00)
  • Complimentary guide for making your own client recordings










“I had thought that my addiction to sugar was just who I was, almost my identity. I never thought that this could change” C. Tativane  

“I’m still eating sugar occasionally but I’m eating the majority of my meals without having to end with something sweet and I haven’t had a big binge session either.” A. Florin


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