Reduced Alcohol Programme




In 2014-15, 17.4% of adults aged 18 years and over consumed more than two standard drinks per day on average, exceeding the lifetime risk guideline. That is a lot of potential clients.

How many people do you know who perhaps drink a little too much alcohol? I’m guessing quite a few.

If you see clients for weight loss, many of their waist line’s will be impacted by those evening glasses of wine!

The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis in July 2004 referred to a study where 18 clients were followed over seven years. The study showed a success rate of 77 percent.

Just like my clinically trialled virtual gastric band programme moderates, a client’s eating habits by making a few small, realistic changes, my ‘reduce alcohol programme’s aims to do the same with alcohol.

The programme focuses on:

  • Breaking down the habitual habits
  • Motivating the client to take responsibility
  • An awareness of their emotional responses
  • Following a simple plan

You will instantly receive:

  • Home study kit
  • The full digital manual giving scripts for all sessions, plus an extra script for the supporting audio soundtrack.
  • CPD Course Certification (coming soon)
  • Do think about how many people you know who drink a little too much, and who you could help.


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